How to sell clothes on Instagram

I am sure that this is not the first time that you must have heard that you can sell clothes on Instagram. I am also sure that you must be doubting it, thinking that Instagram is not an online marketplace. Although you are not entirely wrong, Instagram is not an online marketplace, but it is a very good place to sell clothes.

Setting up your Instagram shop is simple, but there are tips you should know if you want to sell on Instagram successfully. So in this article, I will discuss how to sell clothes on Instagram.

  1. Decide on the clothes you want to sell. You might just want to sell your used clothes, or you might want to sell new clothes. But the type of clothes you want to sell, you should make sure that the clothes you want to sell are in very good condition (no holes, flaws or even stains).
  2. Use a new Instagram account. Most people use their accounts to sell their clothes. Most times, selling your clothes with a personal account might not get very successful because most potential customers are not interested in your personal life. And most customers might get overwhelmed with the number of clothes in your feed. This is why it is essential to use a new account to promote your clothes.
  3. Always promote your closet sale. You should promote your closet sale, but don’t try too much. Trying too much might annoy your followers. However, when you are promoting your closet sale, you should use relevant hashtags like #closetsale, #shopmycloset, etc. you can also promote your closet sale on your Facebook page or account.
  4. Add more clothes to your sale. After you have promoted your closet sale and you have gotten lots of potential customers and followers, you have to add clothes. Most people like to make a flash sale where they would add lots of clothes at once and let people bid for the clothes, and after that, they close the closet at a set time. While others like to keep, their closet opens all the time and have a fixed price on their clothes. The truth is that both options are good, you just have to choose what option works best for you.
  5. Get your money. Most people use PayPal to collect all their money from their shops. PayPal is free, and it only requires an email address, and it is without risk.