3 Types of Things To Sell On Amazon and eBay That Will Bring You 200% ROI in 2017

Amazon and eBay

Even though there is nothing that you can’t buy online now a days, there are still some things that definitely sell better than others that will also make you more money. There are a number of factors that determine the success of a category of products, but before selling something, it is always useful to also look at lists of things that you are either not allowed or supposed to be selling on these sites. In this article we will give ideas about three types products that tend to do really well on eBay and Amazon.


Electronic tablets are the kind of item that tends to be really expensive when newly bought, and because of that, recently a lot of brands have been releasing models that are more affordable in order to cater to those that have a lower budget. Many dropshipping and wholesales companies offer a range of different models with a whole bunch of different specifications. Something else that is good to sell in order to make money is retro gaming tablets, which are essentially tablets that have been converted to act as a video game console so that people can play vintage games on it. A little research is all it takes for you to determine which models have the best reviews and what will be your best option.


Since the introduction of tablets and e-readers, people often seem to think that there is simply no market when it comes to selling books, but that is simply not true. The reading community can be a fickle one, and most avid readers tend to stick to actual physical books instead of reading on electronic devices. How much you will make while selling books online, of course, depends on the book in question, but the more that you sell them, the more will know which genres and authors are the ones that people tend to go for the most, and you may find yourself in a healthy sales funnel in no time. This alone puts books amongst the best items for you to sell if you want to make money.


This may be surprising to most people, but even after all these years, bicycles still remain as one of the hottest items to sell on in order to make money on sites like eBay and Amazon. When selling bicycles, you can either choose to focus on a specific niche, like for example selling high-end bicycles, or just choose to stay on the larger bicycle market and simply cover that. Something that makes selling bicycles a bit more complicated is that you may need to hire someone to deal with the logistics part of the sale, such a courier, so that they can transport the goods, but even with this cost you can still achieve a good profit.

As you can see, there is definitely a good profit from selling things online, all you have to do is a bit of research so as to figure out which items are the ones that are bestsellers, and as you can see, some of the are ones that you can even find in your own home.